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Hanwha Techwin Interview

INTERVIEW Hanwha Techwin

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,  Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division, Aerospace & Defense, Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution

Introduce My Role and Responsibilities in Hanwha Techwin

The marketing team in the project equipment sector is in charge of market research(MI), product strategy setup (MM) and promotion (IMC) activities to lead and support the sales activities. I am in charge of promoting products and solutions. Mainly, I am engaged in producing promotional marketing tools such as catalogues, videos, advertisements in magazines and newsletters, and planning and operating exhibitions.

The most rewarding moment

As I am not that experienced and my university major is not related to my current job, I can't say I am technically competent. For this reason, I often experience technical limitations when I plan promotional materials, prepare various data and handle actual machines. This is why I frequently get help from my seniors and juniors, on various teams. After completing my job thanks to the support of my colleague, when I expressed my appreciation, it impressed me that he said, "Your job is of great help for my job." I felt proud of my job because my work, which was done with the assistance of others, became a new source to help others' work.


Thousands of episodes are going through my mind like a flash. Every day in the company is like a new episode, with new experiences. I believe that my various mistakes, like including the wrong attachments to a report for a large project, asking a person on a business trip who I didn't know to carry a missing exhibit, which weighed more than 10kg, to China, staying up all night preparing sales data that was critical to the next day's sales activities and forgetting to save it, and so on, have made me grow and become stronger.

Advice for juniors

I want to be a bold person with great talent, great thoughts and a great mind, and with composure. I want to be a person who can handle a wide range of responsibilities, understand, constantly learn, grow, seek customer value from a new release with sharp insight, and give a hand to colleagues in trouble. I want to be a person who doesn't use other people as stepping-stones, and who is like a huge tree growing towards the sky.


A company is an organization that generates profits by satisfying its customers. To become a person who can satisfy in-house and external customers, I believe you need to be interested in the world in various sectors. You should be interested in various job groups and industrial groups, think about what they would need from their perspectives, and spare the time to develop solutions. Diversify your experiences and develop the ability to put yourself in other's shoes. Looking at this in a narrow way, you can put yourself in the position of others - from your friends, to your professors and parents to the supermarket cashier, the owner of the franchised snack bar, a Chinese tourist visiting Korea, TV service personnel, and others as well. What do you think they want?

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division,  Aerospace & Defense Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution