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Hanwha Techwin Interview

INTERVIEW Hanwha Techwin

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,  Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division, Aerospace & Defense, Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution

Introduce My Role and Responsibilities in Hanwha

I am in charge of designing a turbine blade, which is one of the main parts of the gas turbine engine. A gas turbine engine is a device that generates thrust or axial power using a fluid. The gas turbine engine consists of a compressor, a burner and a turbine. Unlike the other parts, the turbine needs to be able to withstand high temperature and high pressure gas, so only companies with high technical capabilities can design one. For example, a turbine has the shape of a wing, and it is necessary to manufacture this wing shape flawlessly to increase the overall engine efficiency. I am engaged in designing the wing shape, estimating the efficiency using computerized interpretation, and producing and testing the wing.

The most rewarding moment

I feel proud of my work when I see an engine finally produced after years of design work, and when an engine that is equipped with a turbine that I designed is finally revealed to the public at an exhibition. I am so proud of myself when I think about how the part that I created through numerous design processes, working night and day, is functioning properly and flying in the sky.


I happened to take charge of designing a turbine in an important project team shortly after being employed. I was very stressed because I didn't have a lot of experience in design. At the time, a senior coworker that I relied on heavily told me to attend the overseas training course (United States), as my job was so critical to the project. I was thankful to hear this encouragement, but even better, he arranged my schedule so that I could go and attend the training right away. Thanks to his support, I was able to receive training from a renowned turbine expert in the United States, and completed my job in the project successfully. This is a good example of how my company sees it as important to invest in human resources.

Advice for Juniors

I'd like to emphasize that you should keep paying attention to your language skill, even if you are an engineer. Because of the nature of the job, most of the companies with advanced technologies are located in the United States or Europe. To communicate with them, you will really need to develop your language skill. Don't be afraid of talking to non-Koreans, and keep trying to communicate with them to expand your network. Doing this will help you to build huge resources and assets, both in technical and in sales terms.


I want to be an engineer who will supervise the entire gas turbine engine design process. To achieve the No. 1 position both domestically and internationally in the sector that I am currently engaged in, I am planning to continue learning and building my knowledge.

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division,  Aerospace & Defense Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution