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Hanwha Techwin Interview

INTERVIEW Hanwha Techwin

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,  Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division, Aerospace & Defense, Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution

Introduce My Role and Responsibilities in Hanwha

I am engaged in developing a video analytics algorithm on behalf of the leading technology institute. In fact, I am in charge of development. The algorithm plots the environment, detects moving objects and follows them with the camera image. I am also working on an access number calculation algorithm for use in retail stores.

The most rewarding moment

I feel like my efforts are paying off whenever I successfully complete a project. I think there is a big difference between development for research purposes in an academic setting and product development for commercial purposes in a company. I feel particularly proud of myself when I launch a product that not only rises above such differences but also can be applied to various market environments.

Advice for juniors

Language skills and development capabilities are important of course. But I think insight and a communication-oriented attitude are two things that a developer should pay attention to. Having a clear insight into the big picture when you’re deciding the direction of development depends on good project management and appropriate time allocation. Also, a mindset and behavior that are open to communication with others are crucial for effective collaboration and cooperation.


Video analytics technologies are expected to be widely used not only in CCTV surveillance systems but also in a variety of other fields. As an engineer, I hope to bring vision technologies to other areas and establish a lead over the advanced markets.

Ha-Na Hong - New Business Division,Aerospace & Defense, Jae-Myeong Lee  - Engine Division,  Aerospace & Defense Yue-Jin Song  - SMarketing team, Machinery Solution