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Payment system

Hanwha has constructed Hanwha exclusive ability-pay system which applied basic salary and differentiated ability-pay according to the extent of showing ability.

Also, we have abolished an automatic promotion system based on continuous service, and we are settling a pay system where anyone can be treated by their ability and the work that they accomplished. Especially, various incentive systems including stock option system or profit sharing are introduced to share profit with divisions or individuals of excellent performance.

Ability pay

It is a kind of differential salary compensation system, where an evaluation result (promotion by consideration of services) that is differentiated according to individual abilities is fairly applied to be reflected in the salary of the following year.

Productivity encouragement pay

It is a separate performance-based payment system which compensates a part of the surplus value generatede from effective management in areas such as company management, human resources, facilities and technology.

Profit Sharing

It is a system which distributes a part of the excess profit to executive and staff members if the management performance is good per each unit business.
The profit sharing system is determined based on a group performance as a part of the reward for employees. It is a fluctuating compensation system, and if the management performance (profit) of company, factory and department unit is higher than the target value, a certain part of the management achievement is shared by the executive and staff members in the forms of cash, share and welfare funds.

Benefit and welfare

Hanwha is you and your family’s health, education, housing and plans for one’s declining years

By positively participating as a company in solving the problems which every employee is worried about, we are making Hanwha people to promote for a better quality of life. The welfare and benefit systems practiced by Hanwha are house support, leisure support, medical support, business support for retirees and life support for the old age.

House support

By operating a living hall for single persons, Samsugn is providing living environment that suits the life style of its employees.

Child education support

Throughout scholarship and education system of each company, Hanwha is providing opportunities for the children of its employees to have a high-quality educaton as well supporting their tuition fees.

Leisure support

Hanwha is positively supporting the expenses and facilities for its employees to enjoy high-quality cultual living and healthy resting. There are various cultural programs at company level, and supports are also made for resting places and sports and leisure activites.

Medical support

Hanwha is providing the best medical service to cure disease and maintain health for its employees. There is regular health diagnosis of the employees, as positive medical support and support for medical cost for those employees who are ill from disease.

Old age support

Hanwha is supporting various superannuation programs so that the employees can have stable and comfortable lives at their old ages.