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Artillery System

K9 Thunder

K9 Thunder is the world-class Self-propelled Howitzer developed with our own technology.

K9 Thunder, with the perfect ability, secures various strong-point defenses and has great fire power. K9 has an increased rate of fire to provide fast and concentrated fire power in real time and after firing, it offers rapid displacement with high mobility and survivability.

K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle

K10 ARV is the world first fully automatic robotized ARV that supplies ammunition to K9 Thunder.

Developed with our own domestic technology, K10 Ammunition resupply vehicle is a robotized equipment with fully automated control system that moves to the firing position after loading the ammunition stored in the ammunition dump or on the truck, to resupply it to K9 Thunder.

K77 Fire Direction Center Vehicle

K77 FDCV commands and controls fire mission rapidly with accuracy to K9 Thunder.

Artillery Fire Direction Center Vehicle has a proper mobility and survivability needed in the modern warfare and self propelled howitzer and logistical support systems are equally applied. Therefore, K77 can continuously command fire mission in any circumstances such as receiving fire mission while moving in counter battery or CBR battle.

K55A1 Self-propelled Howitzer

K55A1 Self-propelled Howitzer is a performance improvement of in-service K55 self propelled howitzer to meet future operational environment.

Retrofitting many improved technologies to the in-service K55, K55A1 SPH is equipped with the same fire control system, navigation system and automatic gun laying system of the K9 Thunder and improved the rate of fire, the reactivity and the survivability.

K56 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle

K56 ARV is an automatic tracked vehicle to supply ammunition to K55A1 Self-propelled Howitzer.

K56 Ammunition resupply vehicle is a tracked vehicle with fast, precise and continuous ammunition supply to support combat power and to secure military strength capability of K55A1 Self-propelled howitzer.