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Chip Mounter

Hanwha Techwin has developed and manufactured small and thin electronic devices of high performance equipped with the optimum SMT mounting solution which meets the market demands.

We are producing the optimal mounting solution, which is suitable for various applications covering not only micro chip for the mobile products and Fine Pitch IC requiring high precision of mounting, but also Display and LED equipped with large size of PCB.
  1. 1. Optimization – Improvement of productivity

    Hanwha Techwin has developed and provided premium chip mounter which can place 120,000 Chip per hour. In order to improve the speed of manufacturing process and reduce the downtime, we minimized the machine downtime needed for model change by providing nonstop model change function, simultaneous manufacturing of different types of products.

  2. 2. Customized Chip mounter Line up

    It is possible to optimally meet the requirements of production according to each customer though various chip mounter Line up. Also, we have maximized the flexibility of equipment in its component coverage, PCB size, and number of Feeders.

  3. 3. Simple & Easy Interface

    We have applied ergonomic design with easy and convenient MMI.We also highly considered maintenance of the products. In addition, we are providing variety of options for reinforcement of user-friendliness such as OLP and component registration.

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