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Auto Driving Robot

Innovative auto driving and robot platform solutions provider

Hanwha Techwin’s robot integrates control, precision sensing design and artificial intelligence. From industrial robots
that support unattended/automated operation at industrial sites to security robots that are responsible for monitoring public facilities and national borderlines, Hanwha Techwin is developing various types of advanced robots for the future.
Key technology
  • - Automatic driving algorithm :
    A robot can detect the surrounding environment on its own
    and estimate its current location to create the optimal path to
    its destination. After that, it can move safely to the destination
    by following the path detected.
  • - Multi purpose movement robot design :
    Based on the design technology and the precision control
    technology to support the durability of robots, we are developing
    various types of indoor/outdoor movement robots by considering
    the user’s operation environment.
Application areas and main products: STAR

Application areas and main products: STAR

  • STAR-1
    he first auto driving robot developed by Hanwha Techwin. 4-wheel independent driving and 4-wheel independent navigation can be achieved by it. Its height can be adjusted as well.
  • STAR-2
    As there was a need for low cost type movement robot platforms, this robot was developed, and it is an unattended driving robot developed for multi-purpose utility vehicles.
  • STAR-M
    Model developed by Hanwha Techwin. It can drive on unpaved or rough roads to serve various purposes such as patrolling, monitoring and disaster rescue.
  • STAR-S
    It is a logistic conveyance robot to support automation of industrial sites. With the minimum amount of power, it can exert the maximum loading ability and provide efficient driving.