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[Partnership] Hanwha Techwin holds a partner conference Division CCTV
Date 2016-04-28 Hit 4345

Press Release. Hanwha Techwin Holds a Partner Conference

Hanwha Techwin held a 3-day Hanwha Techwin Partner Conference from April 14th to April 16th 2016, in Seoul, Korea where the company is headquartered.
Since 2005, the company has held partner

conferences annually in order to meet with partners

and share the year's goals while bonding together

towards a shared future.

The 2016 Hanwha Techwin Partner Conference was held at the Hotel Plaza in Seoul and was attended

by over 100 partners from thirty countries from 4

continents, including Southeast Asia, Oceania, the

Middle East, and Africa as well as Russia. Hanwha

shared its vision for 2016 with these partners,

including demonstrations of new product lines and

introductions to forthcoming technical trends.

2016 Hanwha Techwin Holds a Partner Conference

Some of the many product lines introduced included

an analogue Full HD camera line called

Wisenet HD+ series and a 4K line called Wisenet Q

series. Hanwha Techwin also presented a separate

vertical solution session where it demonstrated its

own vertical solutions for city surveillance, banking,

transportation, retail, and government. During the

session, Hanwha Techwin proved its capability for

providing integrated security solutions instead of a

single product.

In order to expand into various vertical markets and

to demonstrate its solutions, Hawha Techwin has

been entering into technical partnerships with

leading companies worldwide. Earlier this month, it

started partnerships with two leading companies in

 UK, an IP storage solution provider called Veracity,

and Oxehealth, a developer of health monitoring


This shows how Hanwha Techwin is making a

concerted effort to form partnerships to enter a

variety of vertical markets and solutions.

2016 Hanwha Techwin Holds a Partner Conference

In addition, researchers from IHS, a market

research company well-known for its special

programs, joined the conference to share its

market forecasts and provide advice about today's

global security market.

The director of the Russian company LUIS, Feodor

Zhidominov said, "Through the conference, we

learned how influential Hanwha Group and

Hanwha Techwin are. We will try our best for

Hanwha Techwin to become a leader in the

Russian market, which has great potential." CEO

Alnoor Nagji of BASS in the United Arab Emirates

said, "I am glad that the conference was held in

Korea, and I am also very satisfied with the quality

of the programs." He also added, "Hanwha

Techwin's products are already received well in

the Middle East, but I hope it will release more

market-leading products in the future."

2016 Hanwha Techwin Holds a Partner Conference

Hanwha Techwin said that the Partner Day had

provided their partners with various opportunities

to go beyond ordinary business encounters and to

create stronger bonds with each other. The

company added that it would try its best to

develop innovative products and solutions that

satisfy customers and to become a marker leader,

not just in Asia, but in the global market.

On the very same day, HTE (Hanwha Techwin
Europe) held a partner conference in London,

UK where it was joined by over 100 visitors from

major European partners.


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