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Hanwha Techwin Promotion Movie


which has brought a new wave to technology
We make the world more prosperous.
and we move towards to a new change.

We are Hanwha Techwin.

Technology (MOVE)
Based on our ultra-precision technology,
we provide total service for aircraft engines
in development, manufacturing, assembling, and maintenance areas.
With our experience on gas turbine engine sector, we excel in high value added energy equipment industry.
Optical and image processing technologies,
bring safety and happiness to the world.
And with a world-class ground weapon systems,
we create technological breakthroughs in defense industry.
Our high speed chip mounters provide uninterrupted, unflawed, and unmanned systems
which enables us to become a reliable partner in your industrial operations.
We lead the future with our limitless skills and technologies.

Innovation (MOVE)
We lead the change.
In the fast changing world we have never imagined.
We explore the future with smart robot and drone technologies.

We create a new world by
endless innovation for a new step in aerospace business
Technology that connects the future and the present,
we help customers to enjoy quality of life.
We take one step forward at a time.

Growth (MOVE)
We have never stopped growing.
We strive to drive challenges and changes to become the world top-class company.
The best company in ultra-precision technology, Hanwha Techwin.
We are becoming a global solution leader in aerospace, defense and machinery industry.

We interact with the world and promote co-prosperity.
We hold hands with whom wishes a brighter future.
We walk with them to achieve further and more.
We are Hanwha Techwin.
With limitless possibilities of technology,
with world changing innovations,
with immense growth potential,
with endeavor to bring co-prosperity,
we will become a global company.

Hanwha Techwin.