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Related regulations for Compliance management

Hanwha Techwin is one of the affiliates of Hanwha Group and we believe our success depends on our reputation for ethical business performance. Our company has adopted global standards of Compliance Program to help ensure that we conduct business fairly and honestly and interact ethically with each of our stakeholders.
As to this, Code of Conduct and relevant regulations describe our global standards and help us understand the roles and principals governing the way we do business.

Our global Code of Conduct and relevant regulations set expectations for our ethical standards and help us embed a culture of responsible behavior throughout the company. Code of Conduct and relevant regulations are applicable to all employees, whatever their role or location, and include those in majority held entities. These also apply to those engaged to act on behalf of the company, such as consultants. Code of Conduct and relevant regulations include practical guidance to help employees deal with important ethical issues and indicate where to ask for help. Any concerns that employees do not feel comfortable talking to their managers or relevant function about can be reported via our Compliance Hotline. All employees, including Executive Committee and Board Members, are required to complete regular refresher training aimed at understanding and applying the standards, with all new employees undergoing training as part of the induction programe. We actively encourage minority held entities and suppliers to apply standards similar to our own.

[Code of conduct]

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Based upon Hanwha’s philosophy, values, and business principles and utilizing Hanwha Techwin’s Compliance Program Regulations, we establish Code of Conduct using defined guidelines and standards in dealing with customers and dealers in order to maintain ethical business practices.
Hanwha Techwin provides an organizational culture where both employees and executives respect the order of a free market economy and comply with the applicable laws, based on the shared values of challenge, trust and communication.

[Compliance Guidelines]

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Hanwha Techwin has established this Compliance Guidelines to facilitate compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and the implementation of business ethics with the ultimate aim of Hanwha Techwin ’s wholesome growth and strong, enduring customer relationship.

[Regulation for Compliance with Anti-Corrution Acts]

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· Hanwha Techwin values the lawful management of the Company and wishes to comply with the highest level of legal and ethical standards wherever it conducts business in the world.
· To provide the standard for correct decision-making and proper ethical judgment that can promote all of its management and employees to comply with domestic and foreign anti-corruption acts and all relevant laws and regulations, the Company enacts the following rules for its anti-corruption prevention act.