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Hanwha Techwin to has been committed to the pursuit of endless innovation and the spirit of challenge. Through global purchasing power and mutually beneficial management with partners, we will achieve fair purchasing practices, which lead to the world’s best products and services.

To fulfill the company’s social responsibilities, Hanwha Techwin will not purchase materials originated from disputing countries. Meanwhile, It will provide partners with training and advertisements to consistently spread policies on the prohibition of the use of materials from disputing countries. With the excavation of industrial materials from about 10 African countries such as the republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Sudan, human trafficking and environmental destructions are occurring. The sales profits have been used for purchasing weapons. Thus, the US government had proclaimed a detailed plan to prohibit use of minerals from such disputing countries. Also, the EU has been trying to legislate on such trade. In a fair response to such global trends, Hanwha Techwin had determined not to use the four main minerals (gold, tungsten, tantalum, and tin) from such disputing countries.